Jeremie SWAP 

Magic for kids

Jeremy Swap travels to your home for a magic show dedicated to your child and to all of their friends.

Jeremy swap

A magical and comical show

Jeremy Swap is a benchmark with regards to magic and children, and shows can be made available in French, Italian and English.

The magician combines humour, magic and jokes in a complete show where children can participate and will have fun throughout the whole show.

Show duration
45 minutes

Age of children
From 6 years onwards

Space required
Aliving room or garden

Magicien close up entreprise

Jeremy Swap

An interactive magic show

The child who is celebrating their birthday is the centre of the show; it is your child, and their friends, who will now become real magician’s apprentices.

Magicien close up entreprise

Customers Testimony

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Jeremy Swap

Balloon sculptures and magic workshops

At the end of the show the magician either offers to make balloon sculptures or to put on a magic workshop.

Entertainment duration: 30 minutes

Whether it is for a birthday in Nice, Cannes or even Monaco or Saint-Tropez, Jeremy Swap is at your service for the entertainment of your child’s birthday or christmas show.



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