Jeremie SWAP 

French Close-up Magician

Specialised in close proximity magic, Jeremy Swap offers an elegant and interactive magic show, full of humour and adapted to the subject of your private party.

Jeremy swap

Modern and interactive magic

The objective of a magic demonstration at a wedding is to create a warm, friendly and pleasant atmosphere from the start of the wedding. Magic makes it possible to create a certain dynamic from the beginning of the wine reception.

Jeremy Swap has solid references and has performed in the most exclusive areas of the French Riviera: Monaco, Cannes, Saint-Tropez, private parties, yachts and so on.

The magician generally performs either during the reception or between courses during the meal, or during the reception and dinner if requested.

jeremy swap magicien mariage

Jeremy Swap

Magic during the cocktail reception

For entertainment during the reception, the magician and the guests are both standing, often with a glass in hand; this is a friendly and interactive upright magic show. The magician passes amongst small groups of people, which can help to warmly welcome your guests. Performing in this upright, congenial setting, the magic becomes more than just tricks—it transforms into a lively, interactive experience that binds the audience in awe and wonder.

This isn’t your typical magic show where the audience merely observes. Instead, it’s an engaging, up-close experience where magic happens right before your eyes, and often, even in your hands. As the magician gracefully navigates through the crowd, he pauses at small clusters of attendees, delivering personalized performances that leave them both amazed and delighted.

So, for those planning a grand event on the French Riviera or anywhere else, whether it’s a wedding, a private party, or another special occasion, having this magician in your midst guarantees that your event will not just be memorable but truly magical.

jeremy swap magicien mariage

Customers Testimony

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Jeremy Swap

magic during the meal


For the entertainment during dinner, the guests are seated and the magician passes amongst tables between courses; this will help to inject enthusiasm into waiting times between courses, which can sometimes be long at a wedding. From Saint-Tropez to Monaco, via Nice and Cannes, Jeremy Swap is available to host your event.

As the guests indulge in their meal, seated in an ambiance of elegance and celebration, the magician subtly makes his presence known. Moving discreetly from one table to the next between courses, he brings with him a touch of the extraordinary. With every sleight of hand, with every astonishing trick, he transforms these intervals into moments of sheer wonder.



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